UIC Shafafiyah (Transparency) Investor's Forum 2013

UIC's 2013 Shafafiyah (Transparency) presentation was released on March 9th, 2013. It has a review of last year and financial guidance for this year to shareholders, partners, financial analysts and institutional investors.

Click here to download an English copy of UIC 2013 Investor presentation.

Company Events

KIPCO Annual Employee of the Year awards ceremony

The Kipco’s Gala Event 2009 held on Wed 20th May 2009 at Sheikha Salwa Sabah Ballroom in Salmiya. This event is held each year to appreciate and honour all those Employees who are employed under the umbrella of KIPCO Group Holding and the award is named BEST EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR. Only 18 employees were awarded this year out of the total number of 21 companies in the Group.

Based on the Criteria for choosing the deserving employee we had 2 nominations from UIC and its subsidiaries:-

Samira Behbehani was nominated from United Industries Company for her Objectivity, Counseling and Dedication towards work.

Antony Masefield from UOP was nominated for his dedication, hard work and precision in his field.

Congratulations to both on such a remarkable achievement !!

United Industries Company had the privilege of organizing this Event for KIPCO this year.


KIPCO Annual Employee of the Year awards ceremony

Annual Employee of the Year awards ceremony for each operating company within the KIPCO Group was held on the 17th of September 2008. This year's awards were presented by Mr. Abdullah Bishara, KIPCO Board Director. The awards for UIC went to two of our senior employees: Mr. Mathew Thomas (Senior Executive Manager Finance and Accounts) and Mrs. Lama Al Nakli (Office Manager).


RAMADAN GHABGA, September 11th 2008

United Industries Company held their family oriented 'Ghabga' Dinner on September 11th at the Atlantis Restaurant, Marina Hotel, Salmiya, for all staff, its subsidiary and sister companies. Attendees had an entertainment-full evening with a variety of activities, games, Egyptian traditional dance (Tanoura) and a DJ to make the evening even more vibrant.


Failaka trip

Failaka trip for the UIC staff and their families at the Failaka Heritage Village took place on the 9th of May 2008. Failaka is an island located to the east of Kuwait City and is a renowned weekend destination for the resident of Kuwait. The trip was a very pleasant experience with lots of fun activities throughout the day, including swimming pool activities, camel rides, tours around the island, ATV renting and many more.

Desert camping

UIC camping trip for the staff and their families at the Wady Al Marah desert camp was organized on the 14th of March. Despite the windy weather, the event was very enjoyable and included various competitions with valuable prizes to be won.